Welcome to MES Kishore Kendra Public School

MESKKPS is an English Medium Co-educational institution founded in 2005 under the parenthood of Mysore Education Society, Malleswaram. It was the brain child and dream project of Late Sri. K P Surendranath. The school is affiliated to CISCE, New Delhi. We are dedicated to fostering holistic development and academic excellence. Established with a commitment to providing quality education, the school stands as a beacon of learning in the community. We produced our pilot batch in the year 2011. Our School stands as a symbol of educational excellence, shaping the future leaders of tomorrow through a balanced, activity based, comprehensive approach to learning.

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Our Motto: “Care and Diligence”


  • To be a premier educational institution which provides holistic education, to foster well-rounded individuals who excel academically, embrace diversity, and contribute positively to society.
  • To inspire a passion for lifelong learning, foster critical thinking, and instill values that empower students to face the challenges of a dynamic world with confidence and compassion.
  • Aims to create and nurture human capital with a ceaseless thirst for knowledge and creativity, having sensitivity towards civic responsibilities and a passion for recognizing and practicing the rich traditions and cultural heritage of our country, with a commitment to continuously improve and provide quality education at an affordable cost.

OUR mission

  • To provide quality education at affordable cost.
  • To cater to the academic needs and aspirations of local students.
  • To inculcate a scientific bent of mind in students.
  • To initiate a research culture among students.
  • To develop dynamic and pro-active leadership qualities in students.
  • To sensitize the students towards civic responsibilities and environmental consciousness

OUR objectives

  • To self evaluate, set goals, raise the bar and strive for consistent and sustained growth.
  • To develop and maintain an active and healthy lifestyle.
  • To provide education to marginalized deserving students, to organize workshops, conferences and training program.
  • To encourage the students all-round development.


Academic organizations are a very unique kind of social institutions – they are a curious combination of entities with singular focus and plural perspectives. An institution of this kind is often found to be an abode of advanced learning with a particular focus and at the same, time a confluence of many ideas, beliefs and theories. Education is the most powerful tool in the world which empowers the creativity and manifests the inner views of the students. The significant challenges facing higher education are rapidly changing technology, competition from various educational institutions, commercialization of education, growing public expectation etc; against these dramatic and societal changes, We strives to provide affordable, high quality and value based education to a large section of students to realize their potential and become responsible citizens of the country.

Education brings out the best in us keeping this credo in mind, we at MESKKPS, strive to ignite the young minds by channelizing and synchronizing their energies. We provide the students a platform to inculcate interactive and pro-active qualities and have a commitment to continuous improvement. We consciously undertake to develop their leadership qualities and instill in them an attitude for intellectual growth and develop skills necessary for self reliance.

Principal's Message

Mrs. Champa Devi T R

Principal, MES Public School Primary & High School

Principal's Message

Welcome to MESKKPS, Vidyaranyapura
I deem it my privilege to function as the principal of this esteemed institution. Let me take this opportunity to thank the management of MES to serve the society.
We at MESKKPS ensure high quality education that motivates and empowers our students to be lifelong learners and productive members of our society. Education is not just the amount of information that is put into a child’s brain. Our education system is the one that cater the individual needs of our students…

Why choose meskkps?

Our commitment is to provide a robust educational experience that not only imparts knowledge but also fosters critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and a passion for continuous learning. Each course is designed to prepare students for the challenges and opportunities in their chosen fields, laying the groundwork for a successful and fulfilling career.

Years of Innovation in education
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Each one is unique in their success; the excellent ones become achievers.

Academic achievers are the shining stars of every school, embodying the values of hard work, dedication, and intellectual curiosity. Their achievements not only reflect their individual talents but also contribute to the overall academic culture of their educational community.  At the heart of every academic achiever lies a passion for learning and a relentless pursuit of knowledge. These students consistently strive for excellence in all aspects of their academic endeavors, whether it be mastering complex concepts, acing exams, or engaging in intellectually stimulating discussions. Their commitment to their studies is unwavering, and they approach challenges with resilience and determination.  They lead by example, motivating their peers to set high standards for themselves and pursue their academic goals with vigor.

Vidhatri B.N

99.60 %, 2021-22 Batch

Glimpses of the campus


Top achievers of MES Kishore Kendra Public School. Students who have received recognition at the national and international levels

  • Performance excellence for overall performance in silver zone Olympiad for Science and English
  • School Merit Award MESKKPS Ranked no. 1 in Co-Curricular Activities by Education Today
  • School Merit Award by Education Today. MESKKPS Ranked no. 1 in Sports Education as per ICSE Parameters by Education Today.
  • School Excellence award by Brainfeed
  • School Excellence Award by Brainfeed. Top 500 schools of India.
  • Sanchvi S Hanagal – won Gold medal in State level Taekwondo competition and Bronze medal in National level Taekwondo competition conducted by CISCE.
  • Vibha Hebbar – Won Gold medal in State level Karate Competition and Bronze medal in National level Taekwondo competition conducted by CISCE.
  • Raghavendra P Deshpande– won Gold medal in state level Taekwondo Competition conducted by CISCE.
  • Saket P Y- won Gold medal in state level Swimming Competition conducted by CISCE.
  • Disha Giridhar – National level winner in Throwball competition organized by CISCE.

Vibha Hebbar – Won Gold medal in State level Karate Competition and Bronze medal in National level Taekwondo competition conducted by CISCE.

Saket P Y – Won Gold medal in state level Swimming Competition conducted by CISCE

Sanchvi S Hanagal – won Gold medal in State level Taekwondo competition and Bronze medal in National level Taekwondo competition conducted by CISCE.

Disha Giridhar – National level winner in Throwball competition organized by CISCE.


We stand out as one of the Best ICSE Schools in Bangalore, offering an unparalleled educational experience that emphasize holistic education, focusing on not only academics but also extracurricular activities, sports, and character development. We offer a well-rounded education that nurtures students’ talents and interests beyond the classroom all within financially friendly fee structure. We have distinguished faculty, state-of-the-art facilities, and a dynamic curriculum make us a preferred choice among parents seeking the best education for their children. By choosing MESKKPS, you’re ensuring that your child’s educational journey is marked by a holistic approach that prepares them to navigate the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead with confidence and competence.



Discover what parents are saying about our school! Our dedicated community of parents has graciously shared their thoughts and experiences with us. From highlighting our nurturing environment to praising our innovative approach to education, these testimonials offer firsthand insights into why families choose our school for their children. Read on to learn why parents trust us to provide a supportive and enriching educational journey for their loved ones.

“As a parent of a toddler who was seeking admission to my child, I heard about MES Kishore Kendra Public School at Vidyaranyapura….

Mr. Arun Kumar and Ms.Ashwini Bapat
(Parents of Punarvasu A, Class X)

“MES Kishore Kendra Public School in Vidyaranyapura within the MES group of schools is a reputable establishment. It has become well-known for …

Ms. Vijayashree Gilaganchi and Mr. Ravikumar Gilaganchi
(Parent of Ananya Gilganchi, Class X)

“This is an appreciation post to the management and staff of MES Kishore Kendra Public School in Vidyaranyapura. You can be tension free once….

Ms. Soumya C S
(Parent of Anvita Sudarshan, UKG)