Child Safety & Security

Surveillance Systems
  • CCTV cameras are installed in strategic locations to monitor and record activities on the school premises.

Security Personnel

  • Trained security personnel to patrol the school and manage access points.

ID Cards

  • Students and staff are provided with identification cards for security and access control.

Visitor Management

  • We follow a strict visitor registration system. All visitors sign in and wear visible identification badges prior to entering the school.

Cyber Safety Education

  • Integrated age-appropriate internet safety education into the curriculum for students in higher grades. Teaching responsible online behavior and address cybersecurity concerns.

Data Protection

  • Student and staff information is stored securely, and cybersecurity measures to protect against data breaches.

Anti-Bullying Programs

  • Students are educated on recognizing and reporting bullying incidents.

Counseling Services

  • An effective counseling cell follows up with the emotional well-being of students and address any issues related to bullying or harassment.

Parental Involvement

  • Regular PTM sessions are conducted to update the student progress. We keep parents informed about safety measures, emergency procedures, and any incidents that may occur.


  • Maintaining a clear communication plan for emergencies, including contact information for parents, emergency services, and local authorities.

Health and Wellness

  • In case of emergency we provide first aid and consult health professional to address the issue.


  • Utilize notification systems to quickly and efficiently communicate with parents and staff during emergencies.