School life

Nursery8.20 to 12.30 pmMonday to Friday
LKG & UKG8.20 to 1.00 pmMonday to Friday
I to X Std8.20 to 3.30 pmMonday to Friday
VI to X Std8.20 to 12.20 pmSaturday
  • School gates will be closed at 8:25 am
  • Three late arrivals would lead to the student being sent back home.
  • First bell rings at 8:25 am to assemble and the second bell at 8:30 am to start the prayer.

OFFICE TIME : 9.00 am to 12.30 pm

Nursery, LKG & UKGSaturday9:00 am to 12:00 noon with prior appointment
Grades I & IIMonday2:00 pm to 3:30 pm with prior appointment
Grades III & IVTuesday2:00 pm to 3:30 pm with prior appointment
Grades V & VIWednesday2:00 pm to 3:30 pm with prior appointment
Grades VII & VIIIThursday2:00 pm to 3:30 pm with prior appointment
Grades IX & XFriday2:00 pm to 3:30 pm with prior appointment

All the students and teachers of the school belong to one of the four houses.





House ColourMotto
Ganga HouseYellowSoar with pride
Kaveri HouseGreenDream the Impossible to achieve Greatness
Narmada HouseBlueChasing perfection to reach Excellence
Brahmaputra HouseRedRed Essential – Limitless Potential

Student Council – 2024-25

Sl. No.Name of the PostName of the StudentClass
1Sr. Head BoyArnav V BharadwajX’ B
2Sr.Head GirlPunarvasu AX’ A
3Sr.Vice Head BoySuryaansh R BIX’A
4Sr.Vice Head GirlAnagha A.DIX’B
5Sr.Sports Captain BoyAbhinav V PatilX’A
6Sr.Sports Captain GirlSmrithi SundarrajanX’A
7Sr.CCA Co-ordinator BoyVarunIX’A
8Sr.CCA Co-ordinator GirlRia BopaiahIX’B
9Alumini Co-ordinator BoyGirish ChowdaryX’B
10Sr.Cyber Head CoordinatorTanmayX’B
11Club Activity- CoordinatorTrupti RIX’B
12Library Leader BoyAaditya G MagajiIX’A
13Library Leader GirlCharvi AravindIX’A
14Sr. Brahmaputra House CaptainVanshika SrikantaX’A
15Sr. Brahmaputra House Vice CaptainShruthi KaranthIX’A
16Sr. Ganga House CaptainAnanya R GX’A
17Sr. Ganga House Vice CaptainAnvitha HollaIX’A
18Sr. Kaveri House CaptainGreeshma MenakshiX’A
19Sr. Kaveri House Vice CaptainPavani UpadhyayaIX’B
20Sr. Narmada House CaptainKushal M MuthugaduruX’A
21Sr. Narmada House Vice CaptainNeha H VIX’A
22Jr.Head BoyVibhava HIVB
23Jr.Head GirlPreksha TejeshIVB
24Jr.Vice Head BoySamarth Vinayak RevankiIII B
25Jr.Vice Head GirlShreesha KalaghatagiIII A
26Jr.Sports captain BoyC DhavanIV A
27Jr.Sports captain girlDeetya NIV A
28Jr.CCA Co- ordinator BoyRajveer CIV A
29Jr.CCA Co- ordinator GirlNiharikaIV A
30Jr.Ganga House CaptainPrakhyathIV A
31Jr.Kaveri House CaptainAkshara BIV A
32Jr.Brahmaputra House CaptainNriti A MuthugaduruIV B
33Jr.Narmada House CaptainAditya HebbarIV A


School Uniform is a symbol of pride and respect. Every student should keep their Uniform neat. Besides wearing it during school hours, the students have to wear their Uniforms when representing our institution.

DaysUniform (Grade : I – X)
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & SaturdayRegular Uniform
WednesdayWhite Uniform
FridayHouse Colour Track

School Uniform Guidelines:

  • The uniform worn by the students must be neat.
  • Wearing of ID cards is compulsory for the students during the school hours and official engagements.
  • Boys must wear their trousers on the waist and not on the hip. The same must be followed by girls with their skirts.
  • Shirts must be neatly tucked.
  • Boys must cut their hair as per the school regulation.
  • Girls with short hair must wear hair bands and long hair must plait and tie ribbons of black colour on regular uniform days and white ribbon on Wednesday and Friday.
  • Black oxford shoes with lace for boys and shoes with a belt for girls are a must on regular uniform days.
  • White canvas shoes must be washed and painted by every student before they are worn on Wednesdays and Fridays.
  • Nails must be cut regularly.
  • Nail paints and finger rings are not allowed.
  • Girls are not allowed to wear henna designs on their hands without prior permission.
  • Girls must wear small earrings. Big, fancy, or costly earrings are not to be worn.

For Students:

  1. At MESKKPS we do not believe in enforcing stringent rules and regulations on students, however, the rules which are meaningful and conducive to the development of the student are to be followed strictly.
  2. The observation of the rules of discipline put down by the school and having good behaviour is an essential condition for a student’s continuance in school.
  3. Students are required to bring the school diary to schools every day.
  4. Any action on the part of the student/parent detrimental to the interest of the institution will be considered indiscipline.
  5. Students must respect and maintain school property. They must help to keep the school premises clean.
  6. Use of chewing gum and Thermocol (for any project) within the school premises are banned .
  7. Student should not move around the campus before or after the school hours, school is not responsible for any incident before or after school hours.
  8. Students should avoid taking frequent leave. They must obtain 80% attendance to sit for the examinations.
  9. Unless there is an emergency, absence from the school is discouraged. Absence on account of birthdays, marriages, feasts and similar reasons will not be accepted.
  10. Student will not be allowed to go out of the school during the working hours under any circumstances.
  11. Student should not use foul language and swear words. They are expected to converse in English during the school hours inside the school campus.
  12. Student should participate in the games and other activities in school.
  13. Presents or Gifts to the members of staff are not allowed.
  14. Counselling Cell:
    a) Principal
    b) Counsellor: Ms. Prashanthi Mahesh

For Parents/Guardians:

  1. Support and cooperate with the school authorities in enforcing discipline by ensuring that their children attend school regularly, do the assignments, devote sufficient time to reading and revising their lessons at home, and take an interest in all the school activities.
  2. Attend PTM regularly to discuss the academic performance and other aspects of the students.
  3. Be formally dressed when they are on the school premises.
  4. Closely monitor their ward’s progress by checking the school diary every day and paying attention to their punctuality, discipline, and submission of school assignments. Parents are requested to use the space provided in the diary for any communication with the teachers.
  5. Encourage their ward to take a balanced interest in studies, co-curricular activities, and sports.
  6. Inform the school if there is any change of address, phone numbers.
  7. Keep short leaves to a minimum as far as possible. In case of an emergency, written permission must be taken from the Principal / Vice Principal. Parents will be required to come and collect their wards in case he/she falls ill.
  8. Ensure that during their ward’s absence from school, work done in the class is made up for. Restrict sending their wards if they are ill. There is no provision for retest/re exam.
  9. Parents of pre-primary children are required to leave their children outside the façade. Similarly, they must wait outside the school gate to collect their wards.
  10. Restrict approaching any teacher for tuition. They also should refrain from inviting teachers to house parties, giving gifts, or offering lifts.
  11. Avoid any kind of criticism of the child’s teacher or the school in his/her presence as children may lose respect for their teachers and consequently which will affect their overall development.
  12. Explain to the child the need to look after his/her belongings. The school does not accept responsibility for any item lost in school. All articles belonging to the child should have identification details.
  13. Restrict pocket money to minimal.
  14. Restrict celebration of birthdays of their ward in school to distribution of candies only. We suggest a library book with imprints of parent’s name and short address.
  15. Request for transfer certificate should be submitted in prescribed form by 31st March.
  16. Other certificates will be issued two days after the submission of request.
  17. Original birth certificate with the child’s name duly incorporated must be submitted in the office and will thereafter be the property of the school.

Note: Cell phones are strictly not permitted within the school premises (Statutory provision). However, for the security and safety of your ward, in case carrying of cell phone is considered a necessity, then a written request giving reason for the same should be forwarded to the Principal. In case of favourable consideration, the student will be required to deposit the cell phone with the office.